News: Angry Birds = Animated TV Series

Angry Birds = Animated TV Series

Angry Birds is so popular now that it's getting its own animated TV series!  When and where?  Who knows?  But if it's any bit as popular as the iPhone game, it's sure to be a huge success.  But it's unlikely to attract any of the older Angry Birds gamers that actually own iPhones.

Surely it will be a kid-friendly version, which Rovio will hope increase their sales overall, especially when they get more diverse with what platforms the Angry Birds game will be played on.  It's already on the iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Mac, PSP, PlayStation 3, Android, Windows, Maemo, and Palm webOS.  Is the Xbox 360 next?  BlackBerries?  Nintendo Wii?

Angry Birds = Animated TV Series

Rovio, maker of hit game Angry Birds, plans to turn the game into an animated series, CEO Mikael Hed has announced.

"We have been looking at that for quite a while, and that is definitely one of my personal big focus areas right now – to work on broadcast content for Angry Birds," Hed told the British TV industry site [subscription required].

[Animated image via Video Games Blogger]

Angry Birds = Animated TV Series

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